About Us

A Precision Optics and Machinery Manufacturer for UV, Visible and IR Optics

Inlight is a precision optics and machinery manufacturer from Hong Kong China . We started operation in 2001. Our management team has over 40 years of technical experience in the optical and machinery industry.

Precision Optics

Inlight is proud of our quality and engineering solutions in precision optics manufacturing. We manufacture precision custom lenses (cylindrical, paraboloid, toroidal), micro-lenses, domes, rods, balls, big windows, crystal lenses (Ge, Si, CaF2), etc. We keep inventory for a variety of standard spherical and cylindrical optics, reference spheres and precision flats. We provide thin film coatings and carry out opto-mechanical assembly at our clean rooms (class 5000). We are flexible and quick responding to demands of prototypes or medium batch to volume quantities.


We design and provide a variety of board band anti-reflection coatings and mirror coatings. Our coatings are available for small batch and large quantity needs.


Inlight designs, develops and manufactures a series of machines for grinding, chamfering and polishing for plano, spherical and cylindrical surfaces, ideal for machining materials such as optical glass, fused silica, crystals and some materials used in electronics.  In addition to our standard machines, we provide custom-made machineries to fit various production needs.


We own and operate two manufacturing facilities in Beijing and XinHui Guangdong China. Our glass lenses are manufactured in a clean and air-conditioned environment. Our lens assembly and opto-mechanical sub-assembly are done in dust-free clean room environments to ensure the quality.


We are equipped with new and sophisticated interferometers, spectrophotometer and MTF etc to ensure the quality of our lenses in our metrology laboratories. Our quality systems are certificated with ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004, and Inlight has been awarded occupational health and safety management system OHSAS18001:1999 certificate. With our years of experience and extensive manufacturing capabilities in optics and machineries, we work closely with our customers to achieve fast response, short lead time, high quality and reasonable price requirements.